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Before 1954, Puerto Rico relied solely on outside surveying companies to perform any necessary services for construction projects, boundary studies, utility installations, and other related work. Identifying a need for a local company to provide a wide range of multidisciplinary surveying services, a group of local technicians established RLDA Geo-Metrica – the first professional surveying company of its kind on the island. Since then, RLDA has successfully completed thousands of projects over the past six decades, and has also expanded its service reach to include clients in the Dominican Republic, Florida, and San Luis Potosí in Mexico. Over the years, contracts have included more than 250 projects in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Basin for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers alone, while providing hydrographic, topographic, geodetic, property, boundary, subsurface utility, aerial, construction, GIS/GPS and photogrammetric survey services to a wide range of clients in the regions RLDA serves. Our firm is currently 8-A Business Certified under the SBA program.


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