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Rafael López de Azúa, a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS), established what is known today as R. López de Azúa & Associates, a surveying and mapping firm, back in 1954.Today, the same firm is headed by Renán López de Azúa, PLS, who has secured a distinguished reputation for his works’ quality and reliability. Always, promoting and implementing the state-of-the-art technology in the surveying and mapping industry. RLDA take pride in successfully completing hundreds of multidisciplinary projects. For the past 25 years, RLDA have carried out approximately 275 projects for the Jacksonville District Corps of Engineers, in and throughout Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands. RLDA has performed within the Caribbean Basin and the United State of Americas with associates from the United State, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Mexico.


To lead the information collecting industry. Capable of delivering any information in any format from any environment, by comprehensively understanding our client’s industry needs, while optimizing methodology, performance, delivery period and safety.


To maintain an advance and productive practice to successfully deliver any information in any format from any environment by comprehensively understand of our client’s industry needs.