Subsurface Utility Studies

Subsurface utility studies, which involve engineering and land surveying processes where sub-surface utilities are identified in the early stages of a project’s development, have a number of uses.

Uses of Subsurface Utility Studies

Tridimensional Location

Determining the tri-dimensional location (X,Y,& Z) of existing utilities to reduce the possibility of conflicts and costly relocations during a project’s construction phase

Avoid Delays in your Project

Decreasing the possibility of claims arising from downtime, accidents, delays, work/service interruptions and legal issues

Reduce Your Costs

With data retrieve from these studies you’ll be reducing proposal costs.

And while the process may be used in both private and public construction projects simultaneously with excavation, utility installations, road construction and other improvement activities, our services include three primary activities:

  • Designation – our geophysics technology determines the existence and location of subsurface utilities, with visual markings placed above ground.
  • Locating – we use a non-destructive excavation (vacuum) technique for critical points throughout the utility route to precisely determine a utility’s horizontal and vertical position, as well as its size and material.
  • Data Management – using an electronic fieldbook and specialized software, we are equipped to collect, process and store the data during the designation and locating processes. This is then provided to our clients in CADD or GIS-formatted files.

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