From oceanographers, geologists and geophysicists, to biologists, environmentalists, scientists and engineers, we have served a wide range of clients in the development of navigation waterways, ports and harbors, wastewater disposal systems, coastal analyses, submarine cable routing and layouts, pipeline routing, dredging and material disposal, bridge and dock designs, subsurface inspections and archaeological investigations.

In order to accurately map subsurface water features such as the topography of lakes, ponds, rivers, bays, harbors and open ocean areas, we use a wide array of sophisticated GPS navigation and data logging systems, along with single and dual frequency depth-sounding equipment, multi-beam sweep surveys and side scan sonar technology.

Among our most innovative equipment for mapping shallow bodies of water, our surveyor kayak, which was designed and built by our own engineers and technicians, provides a level of maneuverability and accuracy that exceeds client expectations. Click here to learn more about the story behind our kayak technology – how it was designed, built and equipped, along with its multiple uses.