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Over the years, contracts have included more than 250 projects in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Basin for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers alone, while providing hydrographic, topographic, geodetic, property, boundary, subsurface utility, aerial, construction, GIS/GPS and photogrammetric survey services to a wide range of clients in the regions RLDA serves. Our firm is currently 8-A Business Certified under the SBA program.

RLDA’s Innovative Kayak Surveyor

Although we use a number of larger vessels when performing various hydrographic surveys in deeper waters, we wanted a more effective way to maneuver in shallower bodies. As a result, we developed our Kayak Surveyor, given that kayaks are not only inexpensive and environmentally friendly, but can be used in a variety of depths. As we designed and built our surveyor, we had a number of challenges to overcome. For one, we needed a vessel that could safely transport our sophisticated and costly GPS and compass systems without sinking or capsizing. For this reason

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